Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quick Walgreens Run

Disappointed after the Saints game, I needed a pick-me-up.  So I did what we all do when feeling down: shop!

I have 3 Sunday paper subscriptions, but I need 4 Maalox coupons for tomorrow's deal at CVS.  Not wanting to pay the full $2 for a paper, I decided to let a MM @ Walgreens help pay for it.  (Note: MM = Money Maker. When the net cost of an item is negative.) I started with $10 RR and did 2 transactions:

Transaction 1:Fleece throw $1.99
Salonpas Arthritis heat patch $5.99
Newspaper $2
Clearanced caramel Santa $0.14

Total = $10.12
Paid with $10 RR and $0.12 oop.
Got back $6 RR from the Salonpass item

Transaction2 :Omega Factor 3 fish oil supplements $10 - $3mfr = $7
Clearanced caramel Santa $0.14*

Total = $7.14
Paid with $6RR and $1.14 oop
Got back $10 RR for the Omega Factor 3 item

The receipts say that I saved $14.95 on the first transaction and $24.44 on the second. Added to my out of pocket (oop) cost of $1.26, the total value of these items is $40.65.  I saved 97%.

Also, I hadn't realized that the paper would have 2 SmartSource coupon inserts in addition to a Red Plum! There were some very good coupons in this week's paper.  I expect to parlay them, in the future, into free Reach toothbrushes & floss, Listerine mouthwash, and Stayfree pads.  Who knows what else these will get me & that's the beauty of couponing. 

*Walgreens has a rule that you can't use more coupons than items, and Register Rewards (RR) are manufacturer (mfr) coupons. Therefore I needed to purchase a cheap item (called a filler) to be able to use the RR.

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