Saturday, September 3, 2016

CVS - August 28, 2016

Profited nicely at CVS this week thanks to the 25% off coupon they sent me, along with TWO $6 off $30 coupons.

I got all of this for a net profit of $4.11 after ExtraBucks and Beauty Club rewards.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Target Diaper Deal - July 4, 2016

Overlapping diaper deals made for fantastic prices at Target!

Buy 2 boxes of diapers, get a $10 Target gift card
Spend $150 on baby items, get a $25 Target gift card
Target's Cartwheel app had 10% off Luv's and Pamper's and $2 off one package of Huggies
The Sunday paper had $3 off Pampers, $2 off Luv's has $2 off Pampers, Luv's, and Huggies coupons

With those overlapping deals, I got 6 boxes of diapers for a net cost (after rebates) of $73.14.

Here is the # breakdown.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

CVS - June 19, 2016

Thanks to overlapping CVS coupons ($10 off $30 cosmetic app coupon + 30% off regularly priced items), I pulled out my Sunday papers to get manufacturer's coupons for several money makers today!

Retail cost: $49.37
Net profit: $11.67

Sunday, May 31, 2015

CVS Deals - May 31, 2015

Today, I acquired $108 of merchandise at CVS for a net cost of $12.08!  Picture and details below.

I had a 30% off CVS coupon that was good on all regularly priced merchandise.  There also was a deal where if you spend $30 on certain items, you got back a $10 CVS cashcard.

The haul

EB = Extra Bucks
BC = Beauty Club (10% back on beauty items such as makeup and body wash, redeemable in increments of $5)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

CVS Deals - April 5, 2015

Thanks to $3.50 in quarterly extrabucks, a rare (my first?) $6 off $30 coupon, and a CVS mailer that had a $3 off $10 Huggies and a $2 off Viva Vantage coupon, I scored well today at CVS!

Retail value: $67.99 + tax
Net cost to me: $7.89 
Saved: 88%

I have over 2600 diapers and 1600 wipes (baby not due until May 2), so I only am buying more when I can get very very excellent deals.... like today's.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

CVS Deals - March 8, 2015

Very pleased with the deals I got at CVS this morning, especially the Huggies one!

Retail cost: $73.39 + tax
Net cost to me: $13.63 + tax
Savings: $59.76 or 81%

Nutshell version:
I got 3 packs of Huggies diapers and the large pack of wipes for less than $10.
The cough drops (2 packs of 40 each) end up being free.
The Speed Stick & Lady Speed Stick end up being $1.
The cereal was $1.
Each 1 Liter of Colgate mouth wash ended up costing me $1.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

CVS & Walgreens, November 23, 2014

This year the deals at CVS were not as good as last year, but still profitable. Here's what I got:

Retail price: $194.03
Sale price: $174.49
Net Profit: $13.89

Monday, December 2, 2013

Black Friday Deals 2013

Since I last posted, I got a couple of FANTASTIC deals at CVS: gift cards!
I bought a $100 Old Navy gift card and got $25 in ExtraBucks.  I also bought 2 PayPal Mastercards for $4.95 each. I got $50 in ExtraBucks for each of those. That's a $115.10 profit in ExtraBucks!

I also transferred a prescription to Walgreens that got me a $25 gift card.  So starting with those items, here's a list of what I got at CVS and Walgreens between 11/25 and 12/01:

Out of pocket cost (and I STILL have extrabucks and register rewards):
Retail value:  $463.89
Sale price: $315.00 
OOP: $14.92  (CVS - $1.03, Walgreens - $13.89)

72 x bottles water
64 x Charmin ultra soft rolls
25 x 4x6 pictures
10 x Reach Toothbrushes
7 x Laundry Detergent
5 x Walgreens Ultra thin maxi pads
5 x NeilMed sinus spray
5 x candy bars
4 x Scunci hair bands
4 x Herbal Essence shampoo/conditioner
4 x Dawn detergent
3 x cans of sardines
3 x holiday gift sacks
2 x Tuf Paper Towel rolls
2 x Pampers jumbo packs
2 x Nature's Bounty B-12 Vitamins
2 x Mitchum deodorant
2 x Huggies Diapers
2 x Got2Be Oilicious shampoo/conditioner
2 x CVS Wipes
2 x CVS Vaseline
2 x Crest 3D White toothpaste
2 x Children's Ibuprofen
2 x 8x10 pictures
2 x 2 liter soda
4pk AA batteries
Act II 3-pk mini bags of popcorn
Arizona tea
Baking Soda
Chex Mix
Clorox Bleach
Colgate 360 Toothbrush
CVS Megapack diapers
Hair moisturizer
Olive oil for hair
Pampers Baby Dry
Pert Plus 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner
Revlon lipstick
Rice Chex cereal
Salmon, canned
Scuncci hair clips
Stress relief
Sun Maid raisins
Tea Tree Oil for hair
tin of cookies
Wexford packing tape
Windex wipes
wrapping paper

I also got $20 in Pappas gift cards for buying a $100 gift card for work (for which I will get reimbursed).

Kohl's is a whole other story that I'll post separately.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

CVS & Walgreens, 11-24-2013

This year, CVS and Walgreens decided to have their Black Friday sales starting on Sunday before Thanksgiving. That worked for me!

Here's what I got:
Retail value: $84.47
Sale price:  $55.39
Net profit:  $7.11

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CVS, November 18, 2012

I was quite happy that this year, CVS had their "Black Friday" deals on Sunday before Thanksgiving. Since I won't be near a CVS on Thursday or Friday, this worked out perfectly for me.

I got $104.90 of product for a PROFIT of $8.79!

Purchases include: roll of toilet paper, 2 x Right Guard deodorant, Sprite, Powerade, South Beach snack bars, Nature Valley protein bars, Scooby Doo snacks, Nips, Play-Doh, Philips universal remote, 2 x Cleenex, Carmex, Visine, Children's Advil, Command Sample pack, green beans, a caramel, glade plug-in, some energy drinks, "Easy Feet," and an iron supplement.  Cost breakdown below.

Click picture to enlarge

Trip details

Note: I bought the wrong Starbucks for the deal, so returning it gives me back that $2.99.