Sunday, January 9, 2011

Totals for January 2-8, 2011

This was truly a great week at CVS and Walgreens.  I also got quite a bit of meat at Rice Epicurean and Randalls.

Here are my CVS & Walgreens numbers:
I went in with $17 ExtraBucks (EB) for CVS and no Register Rewards (RR) for Walgreens.
I purchased merchandise worth $503.39 over multiple transactions.
I paid a total of $14.03 out of pocket (oop) at Walgreens and $5.93 oop at CVS, $19.96 total.
I ended with $23 RR and $20 EB, or $43.

So I used currency of 17+19.96 = $36.96 and got back $43, for a net PROFIT of $6.04!

Some of the things I got that we will use: 4 bottles Wisk laundry detergent, 2 cans Planters nuts, 2 bottles Listerine Zero mouthwash, 1 box Splenda, 4 boxes Finish dishwaser tablets, salt, 2 cans Comet cleanser, 4 bottles Biore facial cleanser, Canada Dry ginger ale, 2 packs mechanical pencils, 2 cans Pringles, Revlon nail clippers (2), 6 bottles John Frieda hair styling products, hair moisturizer, 4 bottles Fish Oil, candy, and a newspaper.

We also got LOTS of things to donate/give away: Herbal Essence conditioner (2), Acai Berry supplements (8), arthritis pain patch, Celsius green tea, a fleece throw, 5 bottles of Excedrin, Breathe Right nose strips, Children's flu medicine, Reach toothbrushes (4), and more!

All of that, for a net PROFIT of over $6.  As I said, GREAT week.


  1. Nat,

    I'm curious, where do you get the coupons from?


  2. In the future are you going to tell us what coupons you clipped and also what store you'll use it in? For instance if you clip a $1 coupon for cheerios, will you tell you what week you'll profit more from using it at Walgreens? Because I know you also do the sneak peak of the weekly ads from cvs, walgreens etc

  3. My biggest mistake is not clipping a particular coupon because I don't see it on sale this week or I don't use that product but i see that you save the coupons for a later date and that you buy products you don't need because you might have enough coupons to get it for free plus the benefit of rewards cash.
    Hope I'm not asking for too much info, just trying to get the hang of this.

  4. Krystle, you never know WHEN the coupons will cause you to get something cheap, free, or money-making.
    For example, I profited $12 from Natrol Acai Berry supplements. Those coupons were from the October 10, 2010 coupon insert. I had no idea in October that in January, those coupons would come in so handy.

    Moral is: Keep the ENTIRE coupon insert until the coupons expire.

    On December 29, I was about to throw away the coupons that expired on December 31. Good thing I didn't! I ended up using lots of them on Dec 30 and 31 and ended up with a huge profit (due to a $20 mail-in-rebate).

  5. Charm, mostly from the Sunday paper, but also from the internet. For example, this week you can print a $2 off Bic Triumph pens coupon from their website. The pens are on sale at Walgreens for $1.99. I printed 3 (you can print 2 per computer & I have 2 computers) and got 3 packs of nice pens for free.

  6. Ohh ok, I clipped some coupons today and threw out the rest of the inserts. Next week I'll keep the inserts. What sites do you sign up for to get these emails regarding these printable coupons?

    How do you organize so many coupons?? I was thinking to label them in a binder...