Sunday, November 23, 2014

CVS & Walgreens, November 23, 2014

This year the deals at CVS were not as good as last year, but still profitable. Here's what I got:

Retail price: $194.03
Sale price: $174.49
Net Profit: $13.89


  1. Why do you think the deals have changed?

  2. Maybe the big companies that did deals last year (like that American Express gift cards deal that profited me over $90) didn't feel a need to do their deals again.

    In general, I've seen a decrease in the good deals one can get with coupons from when I first started couponing (3-4 years ago) to now, probably because of the popularity of extreme couponers and the profit companies lost as a result. On the bright side, I've seen an increase in the # of cashiers and stores that know how to handle coupons. Back in the day, I had a ton of problems with cashiers who were wary of couponers and had bad attitudes about coupon use.