Friday, January 14, 2011

Free L'Oreal at CVS

Earlier this week, I clipped my makeup coupons from past inserts and tossed them in my purse for the next time I went to CVS. Some makeup is 75% off right now.  Well, I stopped there on my way home from work today and got a great deal:

2 x L'Oreal HIP lip products regularly $14.29, clearanced for $3.57 each
2 x L'Oreal lip products regularly $11.49, clearanced for $2.87 each
I used two coupons for $5 off 2 L'Oreal cosmetic products, so that took off $10
Total came to $2.88 + .08 tax = $2.96
I paid using Extra Bucks and a gift card, so $0 oop.

CVS is running a deal this week for buy $10 of L'Oreal, get $3 EB back.  My total (before coupons) was over $10, but the EB didn't print. I showed the ad to the cashier and she forced the $3 EB to print.

So the makeup, regularly $51.56, cost me $2.96. I got back $3 for a $0.04 profit.
Had I stuck with 4 of the $2.87 products, the profit would've been $1.44, but I wanted to try the Hip stuff.