Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 2011 Total

I keep track of all of my purchases in a spreadsheet which also tabulates monthly and year-to-date totals.  Here is a screenshot, showing the January #s for Walgreens, Target, CVS, Rice Epicurean, Kroger, HEB, Central Market, and Randalls:

Retail price: $1,831.13
OOP: $163.59
Saved:  $1,667.54 or 91%


  1. This is so cool. You've always got great information on your site!

    1. Does the "regular" column represent the price for using your reward card/ cvs card/ Tom Thumb, etc... card which I assume that I'll ALWAYS use anyway? Or is there a separate column for that? (Maybe that's a good topic of debate!)

    2. When you make "quick runs" to the store to just grab a few items, do you record those too? (I would think you'd have to, but am not sure I'm disciplined enough to do it! One bagel for breakfast almost every weekday for $0.32 each? ugh.)

    2. Do you share the spread sheet? (I'd love a copy!)

  2. The regular column represents the price one would pay with no membership card and when the item is not on sale. So if an item is $4.50 regular price, $3.99 with card, and on sale for $3.50, I represent the $4.50 as regular and $3.50 as sale.

    I do include small trips as well. But as far as recording a bagel (or other food items), it depends on where I got it. If I got it at Randalls (I like their jalapeno & cheese bagels), I record it. If I get it at Panera Bread, I don't record it because that comes out of my "Restaurants" envelope instead of my "Grocery" envelope.