Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Walgreens, Feb 22, 2011

I'm loving Walgreens last week, this week, and next week.  Here's what $2.20 got me today:

Tuf 8-roll paper towels
2 x Pringles
4 x Tuna
12 x seeds
2 x 27ct Goody hair bands
Potting soil
Garden tool
1 x Arnicare (not pictured)
2 x Neuragen

Retail value: $98.00
Total after sale/coupons: $32.20 (incluing -$0.19 tax)
Paid with $30 RR and $2.20 oop
Got back $30 RR

The MMs were Neuragen ($5 profit each time) and Arnciare ($2 profit). That $12 paid for the other items, which were on sale.

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