Thursday, June 9, 2011

SwagBucks: My First Year

On June 9, 2010, I joined SwagBucks!

Here's how my first year went:

SwagBucks gained via:
Referrals: 13,416
Searching: 9,511
Special Offers: 5,839
Swagbucks TV: 3,667
Surveys: 1,748
Swag Codes: 1,110
Bonus Swag Bucks: 955
Other: 770
Shopping: 13
Games: 2
TOTAL: 37,031

SwagBucks spent:
Swagstakes: -53
Swag Store: -33,998

Prizes I redeemed SB for in Swag Store:
62 x $5 Amazon gift cards (450 SB each)
1 x $50 Amazon gift card (5900 SB)
1 x Mother's Day card (99 SB)
1 x Mini Scissors (99 SB)

That's a total of $360 in Amazon gift cards in one year! Not bad at all.

If you decide to join, please use my referral link!

Referral info:
Total referrals: 39
Referrals who've maxed out: 9 (referral matches stop after 1000 SB)
Referrals with 0 SB: 18
Other inactive referrals: 10
Current active referrals: 2


  1. Referrals 13,416. Is that the amount of people or the points from the people. Either way that is a good job well done.

  2. While I'd LOVE for that to be my # of referrals, that is the # of points I received from referrals' searches.

  3. You do very good for just starting off. Enjoy reading your blog. Happy Couponing.