Saturday, July 30, 2011

Example of Trip Planning

Here's a snapshot of the spreadsheet I use to plan my trips in advance.
After the trip, I will make updates with regular prices and any changes to the plan.

For each store, I visited a few websites to determine what the good deals are, then checked my stash of CVS coupons (that the red machine spits out) to see if I had any that made the advertised deals even better (and I DID!).

For example, I had 2 CVS coupons for $2 off Axe products. This means I'll get a better deal than those with 1 or 0 CVS coupons for Axe.

Also, notice that during planning, I use the "OOP w Tax" column to make a note of where to get the coupon. After I get the coupons together, I'll remove the coupon location info.
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