Sunday, September 30, 2012

CVS: September 30, 2012

Today, I got $93 of products at CVS for a net cost of $4.95+tax!  And that's with one item ringing up $2 more than marked on the shelf, which I didn't catch until I went home.  However, since the Pantene coupons went through no-questions-asked, I'm going to swallow that $2 extra I was charged for the Physician's Formula.

CVS Purchases, Sept 30, 2012

Transaction details

For the Physician's Formula, the deal was "Spend $10, get $7 ExtraBucks."  Well, I also had a $4 off $12 cosmetics purchase coupon and a $1 off Physician's Formula coupon.  I picked an item that was $11.79 (close enough to $12 to use the cpn) with the intent of paying $11.79 - $4 - $1 = $6.79 and getting back $7 ExtraBucks + $1.18 Beauty Club for a nice profit.  But the item rang up for $2 more than marked on shelf, meaning I actually paid $13.79 - $4 - $1 = $8.79, getting back $7 EB and $1.38 BC, for a net cost of $0.41.  Not bad for bronzer, I guess.

For the Pantene, I had 2 "$1 off 2 Pantene products" coupons and 4 "Buy shampoo, get Conditioner free" coupons.  I bought 8 to be able to use all of the coupons (only works if you give the $1/2 before the BOGO).  In a bonus, the BOGO coupons were programmed to automatically take off $6.99 instead of prompting the cashier to enter the actual price ($4 in this case).  So while I SHOULD have paid $14 for the 8 Pantene products, then get $10 back, I ended up paying $2.04 and getting $10 back.  That's a $7.96 profit! PLUS, I'll get 10% back of the sale price via the Beauty Club ($3.20) making this a $11.16 profit!!

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