Monday, January 30, 2012

CVS, Jan 29 2012

It's been a while, dear couponers! I hope to get back in the money saving game, at least somewhat. It's definitely harder with a newborn, so I'm proud of what I got at CVS today and yesterday.

Note: I got 2 more free things of Similac as well as 4 tubes of Vaseline lotion for free at WalMart this morning.

CVS Trips Summary:
Retail value: $209.34
Sale price: $186.22
I paid:  $33.77 oop + $43 EB = $76.77
I earned: $63 EB
Net cost: $13.77 including tax (93% off retail value)

How I did it:
CVS sent me a 25% off my purchase coupon. I combined that with formula checks from Similac and a $10 Enfamil coupon to get the formula and candy [not pictured] for pennies on the dollar.

Tom's Maine Mouthwash was on clearance for $2.74 and gave me $3 EB. Due to cashier error, I ended up getting the Tom's Maine Mouthwash EB again, so this was a $3.26 profit.

Skintimate Shaving Gel costs between $3.49 and $3.89 at my nearby stores. You get $4 EB back for each one you buy. I also had 5 $0.55 coupons, so this ended up being a $6.04 profit for me.

Speed Stick / Lady Speed Stick is on sale for $1.99. Spend $12 and get $6 EB back. I used the BOGO coupons to get 6 of them for $6 and then got my $6 back. Yay for free deodorant. This will be something I donate.

Unpictured physician's formula (I can't find it!) was $9.99, had a $2 coupon peelie on it, and gave me back $7 EB. I'll get the $1 it cost back via the CVS Beauty Club.

The Olay soap was my favorite find. It was on clearance for $3.49. I used a $2 coupon and it gave me $2 EB back. This was a $0.49 profit on something I really like & use.

CVS sent me a $4 off $20 purchase coupon. Since I needed to rebuild my soap stockpile and had so many MM from yesterday, today I used that $4 off $20 to get 18 bars of Dove/Caress. They were $6 for each package of 6 bars. I used $1 Dove and $0.75 Caress coupons, along with my $4 off coupon and other EB.  I got back $5 EB for the purchase.  I also got back $1 EB for using recyclable bags at CVS during these trips.

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