Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pantene: 8 bottles for -$2 plus Clean & Clear @ CVS

On my way home from work, I stopped in CVS to scan my ExtraCare Card in hopes of getting a $10 Physician's Formula coupon.  I didn't get one, but I did get a $1 off Kudos coupon. Not sure where to find Kudos, I walked around the store.  Lo and Behold!!  A clearance section (which often doesn't have anything at this CVS)!  And what was on this clearance section:  Pantene ($1.24), Clean & Clear face products ($1.74), Aveeno body wash ($1.87).

I had some Pantene coupons in the car: 3 coupons for $3 off 2 Pantene products.  I did the math & here's what I got:
4 x Pantene Shampoo = $1.24*4 = $4.96
4 x Pantene Conditioner = $1.24*4 = $4.96
Total: $9.92 + .08 tax = $10
I used the 3 $3 coupons for $9 off and paid the other $1 with my CVS gift card!  I was hoping that the purchases would count toward a current CVS deal: Spend $10 on Pantene, get back $3, but no dice (guess they excluded clearance from that deal).

Update: On my 2nd trip for the Clean & Clear, I decided to ask a supervisor if he'd give me the $3 EB for the Pantene. I told him "The worst you can say is No. The best you can say is Yes!"  He thought about it... and thought about it... and said "I'll be nice."  So, the Pantene ended up being a $2 MM!!!  What makes it EVEN BETTER is that the $9.92 counted toward the Beauty Club program. CVS just started it last week: For every $50 you spend on beauty products, you get $5 back.  I'm up to $39.82 and all I bought was clearanced makeup, shampoo, and conditioner. I probably paid $3 or less to get to $39.82.

I actually had one more $3/2 coupon at home, but didn't want to chance the product being gone by the time I got back. Had I gone home for the 4th coupon, I could've got 10 bottles for $12.40+tax, used the 4x$3 coupons and paid $0.40+ tax.

If you have the $3 off 2 Pantene coupon from the December 26 P&G coupon insert, hurry to CVS before it's all gone!

After initially typing this blog post, I searched to see if there are any Clean & Clear coupons out there. Sure enough, a $2 one from the January 9 paper!  I took 5 with me with hopes of purchasing 6 bottles for $10.44 and paying the $0.44+tax.  Well, there were only 5 bottles, so I got:
5 x Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial cleanser = 5 x $1.74 = $8.70
Paid with 4 $2 coupons & the $0.70 + $0.06 (tax) = $0.76 went on my CVS gift card!
That's the best deal I've ever got for Clean & Clear products! Plus, 3 of the 5 bottles came with a travel size bonus.

The regular price for the 8 bottles of Pantene & 5 bottles of Clean & Clear would be $77.37 (4.99 each Pantene, 7.49 each, Clean & Clear).  I paid $1.76 and got back $3, for a net PROFIT of $1.24!
That, my friends, is how you develop stockpiles for cheap.

Another update: Just realized that for buying 3 (or more) Clean & Clear products in one transaction, I qualify for an Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion mail-in-rebate! I'll submit my receipt and get a coupon for a free bottle of the Aveeno lotion, up to $10.99.

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